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Immediate release tablet computers and suspension: Initially, 10 milligrams by mouth daily with or without food, typically in the morning; dose may be increased in 10 mg/day increments at regular intervals to a maximum of 40 milligrams each day. Extended launch tablet computers: Initially, 12.5 milligrams orally daily with or without meals, typically in the early morning; dosage may be boosted in 12.5 mg/day increments at regular intervals to a max of 50 mg per day.

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Dosage changes in 10 mg each day increments need to happen at periods of a minimum of 1 week. Dosage modifications need to be made to keep the client on the most affordable effective dosage, and patients must be periodically reflected on to establish the need for ongoing treatment.

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Evaluation of the efficiency of paroxetine has shown that efficiency is kept for moments of up to 1 year with dosages that balanced about 30 mg. People need to be preserved on the most affordable efficient dosage as well as regularly reassessed to figure out the requirement for continuous therapy. Extended release tablets and prompt release tablets and also suspension are usually administered in the early morning regardless food. Extended release tablet computers should be swallowed whole and not chewed or squashed.